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If Information Technology is only considered as a workhorse of business administration, you could be missing its potential to revolutionise your capabilities. IT can empower your business with more efficient and effective means to reach, engage and serve your clients – potentially at a lower cost than your current provision.

Synium helps clients to utilise IT in order to tackle long-standing operational problems and capitalise on new business opportunities. We’ve developed a particular reputation for the rapid and cost-effective development of solutions by seamlessly integrating many ready-made or “off the shelf” technologies.

This capability was sought by a engineering company to enhance their service capabilities across a global client base. Routine servicing and maintenance of their customer’s equipment is performed by local service engineers, with advanced diagnostic and repair support by a central team of senior engineers in each key geographic region.

Synium’s Managing Director, Simon Tonks, explains: “If they’re unable to diagnose or fix a problem, the local engineer’s first line of support is via telephone to their region’s senior engineer team. If the issue can’t be resolved by telephone, a senior engineer will make an on-site support visit. However, the limitations of telephone communication combined with language issues can see on-site visits made when only a relatively simple fix was required.”

The challenge for the Synium team was therefore to improve the initial link between the local and senior engineers, eliminating wherever possible the costs and delays of unnecessary on-site visits by senior engineers.

Innovatively utilising a range of existing technologies, Synium were able to rapidly develop a prototype system, which was them developed into a fully integrated solution. The platform for this solution was a secure two-way link between local and senior engineers, using PCs and a wireless internet connection. This platform provides the senior engineers with direct access to local diagnostic data and has facilitated the deployment of an interactive video link for two-way visual communication.

The new system has not only reduced the incidence of unnecessary support visits, it has also greatly increased the efficiency of many other diagnostic or repair tasks. These can now be carried out by the local engineers under visual direction from the regional support centre. It has also significantly reduced air travel and accommodation costs, as well as equipment downtime for end customers.

Simon says: “Although we’ve created a unique seamlessly integrated solution, the use of many existing technologies has greatly reduced development costs whilst increasing the pace of the project’s prototyping and deployment. We also believe this project has great potential in many other industries where local staff are typically supported by remote expertise.”

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