Functional Products

Functional products that add comfort.

This segment provides coating and composite materials with diverse functions that address environmental issues and are used widely in state-of-the-art electronics products.


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Performance Material

Coating Resins

Based on our world-class resin design technologies, we can also provide custom products to meet the specific needs of our customers.


We introduce products suited to adhesive and adhesive ingredient applications.

UV-curable Resins

We introduce UV-curable resin products.

Waterborne Resins

We introduce water-based resin products in harmony with the environment.

Acrylic Resins

Acrylic resins feature excellent transparency and durability, and are used in a broad range of applications from consumer items like lenses to industrial products like molding materials, coatings and adhesives.

Urethane Resins

Urethane (Polyurethane) resins are copolymers consisting of polyol and isocyanate components.

Epoxy Resins

EPICLON epoxy resins are widely used in the fields of coatings, electrical/electronics, civil engineering, construction, and adhesives.

Phenolic Resins

DIC's phenolic resins are used as adhesives, binders, and reinforcement agents for various base materials by heat curing after being mixed/blended with the base material or impregnated/coated.

Polyester/Alkyd Resins

Polyester resins have good mechanical properties such as flexibility, impact resistance and abrasion resistance. They also have excellent build and appearance, and are used in a various applications such as construction, wood working, steel sheets, PCM coatings and adhesives.

Unsaturated Polyester Resins

Unsaturated polyester resins are mainly used for glass fiber reinforced plastics (FRP).

Other Resins

We introduce the other resin products. (Amino Resins / Amide-imide Resins / Butadiene Resin Latex).


Based on the unique properties of the fluorine atom, fluorochemicals are chemicals that possess various characteristics that other organic compounds cannot achieve. DIC features a lineup of fluorochemicals that includes fluorosurfactants which possess advanced leveling capabilities.


DIC has a broad range of polymer modifiers that includes plasticizers, stabilizers, processing aids, and highly functional modifiers. We are working to meet the challenge of developing superior products that aim for even higher quality and functionality based on techniques that have been cultivated over the years.


DIC's alkylphenols have a broad range of applications including use as the raw materials for surfactants and synthetic resins such as phenolic resins, antioxidants for polymers and oils, and polymerization inhibitors for polymerizable monomers.

Metal Carboxylates

The Metal carboxylates are chemical substances consisting of metal and a long-chain fatty acid. The catalysis of the metal is applied and used as a curing promoter and adhesion promoter. The metal carboxlyate acts as a accelerator of the chemical reaction.

Sulfur Chemicals

DIC manufactures sulfur petroleum extreme pressure additives, DAILUBE, with a commitment to the environment, preventing any possible contamination to the world's ecosystem.

Textile Printing Agents / Leather Colorants

DIC has a record stretching for many years as the top manufacturer of printing agents and colorants for synthetic leather/artificial leather.


Materials that address environmental issues and are used widely in state-of-the-art electronics products.

Composite Material

PPS Compounds

Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) is a partially crystalline, high temperature performance polymer which has a high melting point of approximately 280°C, excellent chemical resistance and is inherently flame retardant.

Functional Compounds

DIC provides functional compounds and masterbatches that combine materials with various different characteristics and functions based on pigment and resin dispersion and compounding technologies.

Masterbatch for Fibers/Films

Mass colorants for fibers are polyester-based resin, nylon resin, and polypropylene resin fibers. High concentration and high dispersion products are stocked for film.

Industrial Adhesive Tapes

DAITAC industrial adhesive tapes have provided a wide range of products for automotive, OA equipment, home appliances, and electric/electronic components.

Magnetic Tapes

DEUTON-M is high quality, low noise, highly reliable magnetic tapes for the card industry, which was born out of the wealth of experience accumulated by DIC over the years in its manufacturing of ink.

Hollow Fiber Membrane Modules

SEPAREL, DIC's hollow fiber membrane modules are suited to degassing and aerating liquids because they only allow gases to permeate through the membrane without letting liquids through.

Building Materials

DIC has been providing building materials like decorative boards and interior materials to the construction and housing markets for a long time, then undertaken a development of new products which offer solutions to consumers' problems.

Decorative Paper/Decorate Sheets

DIC Decor, Inc. provides a wide range of decorative paper and decorative sheet products for interiors of houses, offices and public facilities.

Decorative Films

DIC is developing a broad line of products including various surface decorative films and sheets including water transfer printing films.

Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets contribute to protecting woodland resources.They also contribute to saving resources and cutting down distribution costs by their durability, longevity and recyclability. (These products are handled only in South East Asia region).


Committed to being recognised by customers as the very best supplier. This means we will find out our customers’ needs today and for the future do all that is possible to satisfy these needs at the lowest cost and continually improve the value of our product. Every individual in the organization has a role to play in managing quality.

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