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We are committed to being the world’s best supplier of inks, coatings, systems and services – adding maximum value to our customers’ operations in the areas of visual impact and decoration through colour and technology.

DIC develop solutions that satisfy the needs for higher quality print. We trust you will find our website useful in providing information on our products and services.


As much of what we do is specifically tailored to suit defined requirements, we would welcome your contacting us to see how DIC can provide individual business partner care.

Business & Products

Packaging & Graphic

This segment includes not only printing inks but also adhesives, materials and other products and solutions for packaging applications, the markets for which continue to see robust growth in emerging economies in Asia and elsewhere.

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Color & Display

A wide variety of materials indispensable to digital devices, including LC materials and organic pigments for color filters, as well as pigments for cosmetics, natural colorants and other materials that are safe and gentle for people to use.

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Functional Products

Functional products that add comfort. This segment provides coating and composite materials with diverse functions that address environmental issues and are used widely in state-of-the-art electronics products.

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New Business | Developed Products

The DIC Group is creating new businesses addressing local and global and social challenges in four priority areas: Electronics, Automotive, Next-Generation Packaging and Health Care.

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Committed to being recognised by customers as the very best supplier. This means we will find out our customers’ needs today and for the future do all that is possible to satisfy these needs at the lowest cost and continually improve the value of our product. Every individual in the organization has a role to play in managing quality.

Our Brand

Established in 1908 as a printing inks manufacturing and sales company, DIC has expanded its mainstay organic pigments and synthetic resins businesses while at the same time cultivating world-class related core technologies. Since then, DIC has leveraged these technologies to build a broad portfolio encompassing materials and finished products. This has enabled it to respond to market needs by providing customers in the automotive, electronics, food packaging, housing and other industries with solutions that bring “color” and “comfort” to people’s lives.


Looking ahead, DIC—today a multinational corporate group with operations in more than 60 countries and territories—will redouble its efforts to contribute to environmental protection and to the realization of a safe and sustainable society.


Dedicated to the provision of a safe and healthy working environment for its employees.

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